Financial Update by Maurice Soussé

It looks like the weather will be beautiful this coming weekend. I hope you have a great event planned. Interest rates are about even from last week with a slight bump of about .125% on one program. Overall rates are steady.

Nonfarm payrolls reporting is due tomorrow. The numbers are expected to be disappointing which will help to keep rates low. These lower numbers have to do with the tough winter weather keeping consumers from spending.

We have had a few more challenges this week with last minute money moving between accounts. In light of this I decided to put together a do’s and don’ts letter that we will be sending out to all clients at the start of a new loan. We are hoping this letter will help to make the loan transaction as smooth as possible. You might want to share this letter with your buyers as well. It will reinforce the need to keep money in place.

Another reminder this week in which we received a great number of phone calls was about the FHA tract approval. Just as a reminder, we have an investor who will help get an FHA tract approved. There must be an actual loan for us to work on. They will not simply help to get it approved without an actual deal. This is a great way you can control your transaction by having us do the loan and help to get the tract FHA approved. Great for your sellers and a great farming piece after close of escrow in which you can let homeowners know you were instrumental in getting their tract FHA approved, opening up a new array of buyers.

With world in upheaval I focused on quotes about peace. Peace is important in our own personal lives as well as the world. Nelson Mandela said “If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner”. We all want peace in our lives. You can create that environment around you.