Financial Update by Maurice Soussé

The stock market has made a strong run this week with the DOW closing at 12,258 today. That was as almost 200 point gain on strong unemployment numbers along with slightly lower oil prices. A few weeks ago I emailed that if we see a few strong unemployment reports, rates will shoot quickly. Today, the world’s greatest bond guru, Bill Gross from PIMCO, says that bond yield and stock prices are resting on an artificial foundation of “Quantitative Easing”. Such government intervention drives down interest rates. What happens on June 30th when the FED stops the influx of money? Can the US Economy stand on its own? I’m not leaving my money on the table to find out.

Rates are still low and we are encouraging buyers to take advantage of these artificially low rates. The jumbo mortgages up to $3 million are still UNDER 4%~ incredible.

“The impossible can always be broken down into possibilities”