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FAQs about Short Sales

1. What is a Short Sale?
A short sale is the process by which a homeowner can sell a house for less money than he actually owes on the mortgage(s). This is done by the seller and the listing agent providing proper documentation to the seller’s bank(s). A negotiation takes place to reduce the mortgage balance allowing the sale of the home. The mortgage lender (or bank) actually takes a loss (or write-off) on the mortgage because the value of the home has fallen below the mortgage balance and the homeowner is financially unable to pay the mortgage on time. If the bank approves the discount on the mortgage, the home can be sold for a lower price without the seller having to come up with cash to cover the shortfall. The mortgage is then satisfied and the foreclosure process stops if the loan was in delinquency.

2. How do I get started on a short sale?
Please contact The Sousse Group today and we will help walk you through the entire process. We will contact your bank(s) directly to begin the process.

3. Is a short sale right for me?

Call The Sousse Group today and we will qualify you right away and help you understand all options in today’s market.

4. How long does the short sale process take?
Generally speaking the process will take between 45-90 days from start to close. Each bank has their own guidelines and time frames so we can elaborate further when we know who the seller’s bank(s) are.

5. Will a short sale help me avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy?
Yes, a short sale will be the best option for a seller to prevent foreclosure. Bankruptcy is dependent upon a sellers financial situation and we can certainly help anyone to understand what is best.

Employ The Soussé Group to Manage Your Short Sale

Negotiating a short sale is a very intricate job. There are many stages involved in closing a short sale. The initial step is to qualify and prepare the seller’s short sale documents, accurately market the property for a short sale, negotiate and qualify the buyer, and prepare the offer for lenders approval. What sets The Soussé Group apart is our relationship with the lenders. We are relentless in our follow up with the lenders for a quick response. Our job is to negotiate the sale of your home and bring peace of mind to you and your family.

We negotiate with the Bank to pay commissions and fees. You will never be asked to pay a fee. Why wouldn’t you give yourself a chance to rid yourself of a burdensome mortgage on a property that is depreciating daily?

For a Complimentary, Confidential Consultation contact Maurice Soussé at (714) 412-8512 or complete the Contact Form.

Offers presented on this website should not be interpreted as an offer of legal or tax advice as real estate brokers are not qualified to provide such advice. Any seller considering a short sale is advised to seek appropriate advice from an attorney, cop or other expert regarding the legal, tax and credit consequences of a short sale. The accuracy of all information contained herein regardless of source, including but not limited to square footage and lot size, is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed by The Soussé Group and should be independently verified by personal inspection or inspection by the appropriate professionals. DRE No. 01238377.

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Represented the Seller in this short sale transaction

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Represented the Seller in this short sale transaction

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